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QuickCheck reaches actionable analytics with Human37 and Mixpanel

At Human37, we take pride in our commitment to empowering businesses through strategic data management and operational excellence. QuickCheck, a leading player in the financial technology sector, approached us to enhance their utilization of Mixpanel, a powerful product analytics tool, to optimize the digital experience for their users.

The Company

QuickCheck is a fast-growing fintech startup based in Lagos, Nigeria. They provide financial services to entrepreneurs by leveraging artificial intelligence to offer app-based neo-banking products.

“We use machine learning to predict borrower behavior and instantly evaluate loan applications,” explains Luís Rodrigues, the CTO and Head of Product at QuickCheck. “We aim at offering digital financial services to move our clients closer to their personal and business goals.”

The QuickCheck mobile app has been downloaded by more than 2 million people and has processed over 4.5 million micro-credit applications.

The Challenge:

QuickCheck, with its highly technical team, initially approached Mixpanel from a predominantly tech-driven perspective. Our first step was to collaboratively define the core business objectives driving their use of Mixpanel. This exercise facilitated a shift from a purely technical mindset to a more comprehensive understanding of how product data could translate into tangible business results.

The Solution:

Human37 embarked on a thorough analysis of QuickCheck's existing Mixpanel implementation. Identifying issues related to user identities, attribution management, and user tracking, we provided targeted recommendations to address these challenges. Rodrigues from QuickCheck acknowledges, "We learned we had duplicated users because of wrong implementations of the alias API and that we were tracking way too many events. Both these issues created problems for our various product teams."

Within just three weeks of initiating the collaboration, Human37 not only comprehended QuickCheck's objectives but also delivered actionable recommendations to enhance Mixpanel implementation. These improvements had an immediate impact on QuickCheck's product analytics usage, ensuring both short-term gains and establishing a robust foundation for long-term growth.

The Results:

QuickCheck, already leveraging Mixpanel for discovering product-market fit, experienced a significant upgrade in the quality of their user behaviour tracking through our collaboration.

Rodrigues notes, "It became a lot easier to create funnels for all our products." Specifically, the QuickCheck team streamlined their user onboarding funnel, reducing the time to conversion by 30% through the removal of redundant steps.

Today, QuickCheck utilises Mixpanel to address key business questions on a daily basis. The team leverages Mixpanel's self-serve product analytics to monitor critical metrics for product-led growth, including conversion rates for each funnel, time to convert, and user journeys most likely to result in conversion.

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