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"At Human37, we believe in the power of outstanding customer experiences to fuel business transformation."

Founded by 4 colleagues that built complementary skills over the years through their experience leading the #1 Belgian marketing agency on the one hand and developing solutions at a leading Google Cloud technology partner on the other.


We observed the fragmentation that existed along the journey between data collection and data activation and saw that this created inferior experiences for users engaging with brands. We are convinced that our combined and complementary skills allow us to help brands bridge these gaps and drive the experiences users deserve.

Our misson



De Visscher

Managing Director

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Maxime Vandenbussche

Operations Lead

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Vincent Crochet

Technical Lead

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Glenn Vanderlinden

Strategy Lead

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Founding team



Where clients are often kept in the dark in the agency world we offer full transparency. Transparency is key in our collaboration and relation. 


Putting your customer first

We help you shift perspective and make sure that all teams in your organisation start focusing on what actually matters, servicing your customer. Creating value by driving excellent customer experiences is our core.


We care about your data

The world of customer data is evolving fast. With every implementation we need to document how what was put in place impacts your relationship with your customer data. We therefore work together with your DPO to keep your data registers updated and help develop the necessary procedures to keep them that way. 

Business first

We have a strong technology focus. But technology is just a means to an end. And the end is to make your business thrive. Therefore we assess, enhance and deploy technology as well as the processes required in the context of your business and the objectives you’re trying to ace.

Pragmatism and efficiency

We seek to provide solutions to problems in the most pragmatic and efficient way. The core of what we deliver is value, solutions. Not powerpoint slides.

We are an extension of your team

As our focus is on driving long term value we are accountable in the long run for the work we do and the results we deliver. This is done by becoming a part of your team. 


We help you stay ahead and the only way to stay ahead is to evolve. In business evolution is called innovation. We help you reach the next frontier and cross it to make what is giving you an edge part of your standard operating procedure. This ensures you always come out on top. We enable you to discover your Move 37.


Human37 is an agency that drives organisations forward by delivering what users expect. We do this by bridging the gap between marketing & engineering and man & machine.


The name Human37 is composed of two elements. Human because humans are the core of every organisation and drive meaningful experiences with customers. Technology can be a helpful tool but humans always stay in the driving seat. 37 after the legendary Move 37 made by Alpha-Go in the game of GO vs Lee Sedol. A move that was only possible because the machine was able to collect, compute, understand and activate data in a way that was beyond the limit of any human. But which resulted in a winning position.

Enjoy the full AlphaGo documentary from Google Deepmind:



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