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Human37 is the very first ‘Customer Data Strategy’ agency in Europe. We help our clients be(come) more data-driven & customer-centric. 

At Human37, we believe in the power of outstanding customer experiences to fuel business transformation. Our mission is to provide the data-driven expertise and collaborative teams needed to drive evolution and deliver exceptional results.

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The enormous growth and complexity of the digital and marketing technology industry brings new challenges that are forcing companies down new and undiscovered paths. At Human37, we help our clients navigate this complexity and ultimately turn it into a competitive advantage. 


While our projects and client-portfolio continue to expand, we’re looking for talented, motivated and ambitious colleagues that want to help shape Human37’s future and actively contribute to its success story! 

Our misson


Brussels (BE)

0-2 years experience

Brussels (BE)

4+ years experience

Brussels (BE)

4+ years experience



  • We understand that the success of the team is as important as individual achievements.

  • We celebrate and embrace diversity in our team and believe that diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions.

  • We actively participate in knowledge-sharing initiatives to contribute to the growth and development of others.

We strive for excellence

  • We inspire others with our drive for excellence.

  • We have a meticulous approach to our work, ensuring that every deliverable is of the highest quality.

  • We are committed to exceeding client expectations by delivering exceptional results.

We get things done

  • We take initiative and are self-driven. We identify opportunities, propose solutions, and take ownership of projects.

  • We look for every opportunity to reduce complexity and keep things simple.

Relentless curiosity

  • We foster a curious mindset, encouraging deep data analysis, critical questioning, and innovative problem-solving approaches that drive impactful solutions.

  • We embody a growth mindset, consistently expand our knowledge and skills through seeking challenges, professional development, and stay abreast of industry trends and technologies.

  • We build a culture of continuous improvement, where curiosity drives ongoing learning and refinement.

We challenge the status quo

  • We challenge prevailing assumptions, and suggest better approaches.

  • We embrace calculated risk-taking and encourage our team members to step out of their comfort zones.

  • We embrace change and navigate through challenges with resilience.

We are opinionated

  • We encourage our team members to become thought leaders in our industry.

  • We offer informed opinions, valuable insights, and data-driven recommendations to guide clients towards optimal decision-making and positive outcomes.

  • We actively participate in industry conferences, events, and forums to share our opinions and contribute to shaping the future of the data consultancy landscape.

We create partnerships

  • We build strong partnerships with our clients, working closely with them as trusted advisors.

  • We prioritize creating win-win relationships, where mutual success is achieved through collaboration, open communication and shared benefits.

  • We seek strategic alliances with complementary organizations and industry experts to enhance our offerings and provide holistic solutions to our clients.

Human after all

  • We act with good intent and trust your colleagues to do the same.

  • We prioritize empathy and understanding in all interactions.

  • We celebrate achievements and milestones as a team, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our members.

  • We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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