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Human37 becomes Mparticle authorised Partner

Brussels 28/06/2021 - Human37 officially becomes mParticle Authorised Partner. mParticle is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that ensures teams have real-time access to high quality customer data to improve customer experiences and accelerate growth. By enabling brands to collect customer data once through secure APIs and SDKs and connect it to all of their tools, mParticle makes it easier to manage data quality, enforce governance, and drive better customer interactions. More information can be found on the Human37 mParticle partner page.

“Formalising this partnership is an important milestone as the digital space requires solutions to be more user-focused while facing today’s challenge of siloed implementations, data pools all while providing tailored customer experiences in line with privacy regulations and consent. mParticle allows us to bridge both gaps” Vincent Crochet, Technical Director.

“We’re delighted to have Human37 on board to help underpin our growth plans in EMEA. Due to their background in assisting clients with maximising investments in agile marketing infrastructure, they are ideal partners to provide a truly effective cradle-to-grave digital solution to customers of all sizes” Paul McCord , EMEA Alliances Director , mParticle

Human37 is a Customer Data Strategy agency located in Brussels, Belgium focusing on the EMEA market. We help our clients be data-driven and customer-centric. Our purpose is to shape a world that provides better customer experiences for individuals, starting with the customers of our clients.

As an agency, we help our clients define, design, implement and activate their customer data strategy. How? By operating on two main poles: (1) the definition and the implementation of the Data Infrastructure & MarTech Stack that fits their business needs and challenges. (2) the MarTech Stack’s operation to ensure data is activated and create enhanced customer experience that drive business growth.

Discover more about mParticle on our technology page.


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