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How We helped EvolveYou design & implement their customer data strategy & underlying infrastructure

My experience with Human37 has been outstanding. They were able to help us throughout our journey, from developing a data strategy and challenging our tech stack, to working on data tracking and helping us in the selection and implementation of a CDP. The Human37 team has great client servicing skills, being able to understand our needs whilst being flexible with our ever changing timeline.

Andrea Guadalupi - Head of Growth & eCommerce at EvolveYou


EvolveYou is an all-in-one fitness app that accompanies women on their health and fitness journey. They focus on three main pillars: (1) workouts (supported by world class trainers), (2) nutrition and (3) the community they are building around their activity.


EvolveYou was sitting on a pile of data living in different silos under different team responsibilities. They were looking for a partner that could help them step back, structure their business needs and accompany them in the design and the implementation of their future-proof customer data infrastructure.

The COllaboration

We structured our collaboration around 3 main phases: the orientation, the blueprint and the implementation.

The Orientation

Through a series of workshop we were able to:

  • Understand their business challenges and needs

  • Transform those needs into tangible use cases

  • Understand their current infrastructure and its limitation to answer the defined use cases

The Blueprint

The Blueprint phase served two main goals:

  • Design how their customer data infrastructure should look, including the key decision around which typologies of technologies to choose (customer data platform, data warehouse, analytics, etc.)

  • Perform vendor assessments to select the right solution with the chosen typologies of technologies

In the context of EvolveYou, based on the Use cases, team context and company vision we decided a Customer Data Platform was the best choice to act as the beating heart of their architecture and to enable them to deliver on the identified use cases.

The next step was to realise a thorough customer data platform vendor assessment. At Human37 we’ve developed a thorough methodology to accompany clients in the selection of their Customer Data Platform. Below you’ll find the roadmap with the different steps we underwent to select the right solution for EvolveYou.

Here are also additional details on the key milestones:

1) Intake session - the first milestone is to validate the technical and functional requirements (see below) for that will allow EvolveYou to deliver on the defined use cases.

* Subset examples. Requirements are clients specific

2) Vendor Assessment - Once the requirements are mapped we moved into an assessment of the selected vendors. In this case we decided to assess: Segment, mParticle and Rudderstack. At the end of the assessment a score is given to each vendor. We then had a workshop with EvolveYou to review the scoring and shortlist 2 vendors. In this case we selected: Segment & mParticle

3) Vendor Meetings & Demos - Once shortlisted, it is time to meet the vendors in order to:

  • Meet & greet

  • Get presented with relevant client use cases

  • Have a thorough platform demo

  • Answer technical questions

  • Discuss commercial proposal (pricing)

4) Vendor Selection - Based on all the information above a choice was made and EvolveYou decide to move on with mParticle

The Implementation

Once selected it was time to move into the platform implementation. Here again, at Human37 we’ve developed a complete methodology to smoothen this implementation as much as possible. Below are the different steps we ran through with EvolveYou :

  1. Goals definition (3) - to prioritise the most important 3 use cases to focus on

  2. Funnels - to map how the customer journeys look like for each of these goals and as a result, how the funnels look like?

  3. Solution Design - Source and destination mapping in line with the chosen goals to be achieved.

  4. Identity Resolution - Which identities exist in which system? How many identities can a single user have and how are they represented in each individual EvolveYou system?

  5. Tracking Plan- creation of the tracking plan linked to the goals

  6. Sources Implementation - Configuration and testing of the sources

  7. Destinations Implementation - Configuration and testing of the destinations

  8. Development Deployment - data validation (including testing) of the implementation in development environment

  9. Production Deployment - data validation (including testing) of the implementation in production environment

Below is the list of the deliverables:

  • 5-7 events in production per use case - Active for your 3 highest priority use cases

  • 3-5 audiences & traits - Active for your 3 highest priority use cases

  • Live data sending to 2-3 tools - Most critical to your use cases (Braze & Mixpanel)

  • Live production campaigns - Running in your most critical downstream tools Around those audiences & traits

  • Enabled engineers - Around usage of the mParticle UI and underlying mParticle methods to build new events & traits

Enabled marketers - Around usage of the Audience Builder and underlying mParticle methods to build new traits & audiences

THE RESULTS & Next Steps

The main results of this project are the following:

  • Design of a future-proof customer data infrastructure

  • Selection of the right customer data platform (CDP) give EvolveYou’s fit

  • Successful implementation of their CDP

  • Rollout of 3 first activation use cases

In terms of next steps we are now:

  • Looking into rolling out additional use cases

  • An extension of their team to maintain and improve their current infrastructure

Interested in supercharging your own analytics stack? Want to drive more insights from your data? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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