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How human37 leveraged Maison Dandoy's 1st party data to supercharge marketing & sales performance

"Human37 helped us gain insight into the power and riches of our first-party data. Thanks to our collaboration, we are now able to better understand who our customers really are and connect with them in a more personalised way. This improvement in our customer’s experiences is key for us and our business."

Alexandre Helson, Chief Spectaculoos Officer at Maison Dandoy.


Founded in 1829, and over 150 years old, Maison Dandoy is currently being managed by its 7th family generation. Over the years, the business expanded, many new boutiques opened but Maison Dandoy held on to the principles that made it a success: family, crafts, quality and tradition. Their specialties are their famous Speculoos and “pain à la grecque”.

A few years ago, Maison Dandoy launched their official webshop and e-commerce platform. Allowing you to purchase their delicious products from the comfort of your own home.


As Maison Dandoy’s business grew, so did the complexity. With the launch of their own webshop, they were able to serve and communicate with their customers in more ways than ever before. This increase in customer touch points also meant they started to gather more and more data: in-store sales data, e-commerce transaction data, web analytics data, email engagement data, and so on.

What Maison Dandoy lacked was (1) a consistent and holistic view on their customers - siloed data streams and databases resulted in a fragmented view of the overall customer journey. (2) A consistent and automated way to communicate with and activate their customer base. Maison Dandoy quickly understood that having a comprehensive ‘omnichannel’ customer view - aka a 360° customer view - is crucial to deliver an excellent but more importantly a consistent customer experience.


We took up the challenge to help Maison Dandoy in not only unifying, but also in understanding and activating their ever growing customer data.

At first, we identified gaps and cleaned data inconsistencies in their current databases. After the necessary cleaning, we leveraged Google Cloud and built a holistic 360° customer view for Maison Dandoy by stitching all of their online (website, email) and in-store customer data together. This resulted in a central dataset scoped around their customers and their behaviours, ripe for analysis and activation strategies.

This unified customer view allowed us to build a robust and data-driven customer segmentation. Users were attributed to one of four segments, each of which required a dedicated customer experience, as well as a state (new, active, at risk, dormant).

(user and customer cohorts categorised around their states)

This audience-as-a-service approach was used by both the sales team and the marketing team. The sales team was warned when a B2B account changed state so they would proactively be able to reach out and prevent the account from churning. The marketing team was able to leverage up-to-date audiences which were injected automatically through our always-on data pipeline in the marketing platforms (Google Ads, Facebook) in order to build custom audiences and pre-qualify third party data through look-alike and similar audiences.

Lastly, a customer insights dashboard was built displaying a 'user profile' for each Maison Dandoy client. This user profile contains an overview of historical purchases, contact details, product preferences and communication interaction and can be used in the stores to better tailor servicing to each individual client.

(customer insights dashboards used by Maison Dandoy's stores)


We achieved +45% in marketing ROI by delivering more precise and comprehensive audience segments to Maison Dandoy’s activation channels (Facebook, Google, …). On top, sales operations were running more efficiently thanks to immediate churn risk flagging.

Beyond the more quantifiable results, this mission triggered Maison Dandoy to extend their customer-centric thinking to the online world. Delivering great customer experiences has always been a core value of Maison Dandoy throughout the years. The shift in commerce to a more online centric world, brought obvious challenges. Today, Maison Dandoy can build on a real 360° customer view that takes both the offline and online worlds into account, and is the basis for great omnichannel customer experiences.

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