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HUMAN37: the very first customer data strategy agency launched by former Semetis Directors

Brussels, 21/06/2021 - Former Semetis directors Maxime Vandenbussche, Glenn Vanderlinden and Julien De Visscher are teaming up with Vincent Crochet, ex-Semetis and ex-CEO of Nessie to launch their company: Human37. Human37 helps their clients be data-driven and customer-centric. Their purpose is to shape a world that provides better customer experiences for individuals, starting with the customers of their clients.

“At Human37 we’re at the forefront of the duality between humans and technology when it comes to driving experiences.” - Julien De Visscher

Vision & ambitions

Their vision can be articulated around four main pillars: (1) Demystify the complexity around data & technology in order to help companies accelerate and succeed in their challenges with customer data. (2) Combining data, technology and human (operations) to create business synergies across departments and help companies bridge their organizational silos. (3) Become the leader in customer experience delivery operational across EMEA. (4) Finally, creating impact on the Belgian market: “Our neighboring markets (France, UK, Netherlands, etc.) are more mature. We want to make Belgian companies benefit from the experience we gather outside the borders while helping with some of the most customer-centric brands to help them accelerate and provide Belgian consumers with the same level of excellent customer experience” explains Glenn Vanderlinden, Human37’s Director of Strategy.

What we do

As an agency, Human37 helps their clients define, design, implement and activate their customer data strategy. How? By operating on two main aspects:

1) Data Architecture and MarTech stack - “we define, design and implement our clients’ data architecture. We ensure the architecture answers our clients business needs and challenges. We also ensure tools are properly implemented and integrated. Finally, we push the reflection around the technologies that compose this data architecture. We ensure the stack is future-proof and profitable.” explains Julien De Visscher.

2) Elevate customer experience - “Once implemented, we help our clients operate their MarTech stack around identified business challenges and needs. We ensure our clients are deriving long term business value for their bottom line. We help our clients make sense of the captured data and implement robust methodology for deriving insights from the data. But most important, we help our clients activate the insights through projects that aim at improving customer experiences and drive business growth. Our methodology ensures business value is driven along the way and not only at the end of the project.” explains Maxime Vandenbussche, Human37’s Director of Operations.

Last but not least, our objective is to help our clients in-source and infuse the data-driven methodology we apply on the projects we are running together. To achieve this we ensure our clients’ teams are an active part of every single project. On top, we implement the right processes and programs to ensure our clients’ team are fully ready to run the show by themselves while using us as a consulting and support desk. They ensure value creation from a business, technological and human point of view.

“In the current context, companies have many tools and methodologies to drive performance at their disposal. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding and vision often blocks companies from orchestrating their data strategy from a holistic point of view, and across departments to actually positively impact the customer journey. Our goal is to equip companies with the technologies and methodologies to ensure creation of innovation, enhanced customer experience and business growth” explains Vincent Crochet, Human37’s Technical Director.

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