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Business, Brussels (BE)

1-3 years experience

Technical, Brussels (BE)

1-3 years experience


Put business first

In our services, we have a strong focus on technology. But technology is just a means to an end. The end goal is to make our clients’ business thrive. This requires a solution-driven and entrepreneurial mindset.

Radical transparency

Transparency is key in our collaboration and relation with our clients, but also between ourselves. We believe in honest feedback and strive for open and direct communication, but will always treat each other with respect. Radical candor is the way.

Be pragmatic

We seek to provide solutions to problems in the most pragmatic and efficient way. We get things done. The core of what we deliver is value, solutions. Not powerpoint slides. 

Be a game changer

We are ambitious, bold. We seek to change the status quo and push the market to redefine the new normal.

Fail well

It is okay to make mistakes but unacceptable not to learn from them. We believe in a culture with psychological safety where people feel empowered to develop themselves, take chances and grow in authority within the company.

Be Curious, innovate.

We help our clients stay ahead and reach that next frontier. We help them evolve and innovate from a digital point-of-view. As an agency, the only way to support this is by continuously staying ahead of the curve ourselves. We are driven by curiosity and are never done learning. Challenging the status-quo and reinventing ourselves are crucial ingredients to our success. 

Embrace Ubuntu

"A person can only be a person through others." Our team is only as strong as the ability of the individuals to collaborate. This collaboration makes the sum of the elements greater than the elements themselves. At Human37, we not only understand the value of teamwork, we laud it.

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